You Are Special with Great Value
Eres Especial con Gran Valor 

     Doctor Lydia Guerrero, was born in Brooklyn, NY, her parents, Ramon Figueroa and Tinita Melendez. At age 10, her father decided to move to Fajardo, PR, where by then he was an Evangelist.  Continued to grow with siblings and parents.
     Her mother, Tinita, Missionary of God's and faithful, always complied with the mandate "to instruct the child in the way ..." It was and is still  a great example in Lydia's daily, moral and spiritual life. 

     Lydia and brethren had few moments of happiness due to the constant abuse of her father. Even with all, at the age of 14, God calls her. Two years later decided to depart from God to take revenge into her own hands, beginning with her father, (promise she had made to the enemy), and put pills in his cup of tea.  Her Sister, also tried to assassinate him with rat poison in his food, but both the tea and the food was useless, because God did not allow him to take it and eat. 

     Trying to escape and do revenge, entered the path of witchcraft, where she began to speak, together with her sister, with cats, using telepathy and wandered. But yet, God reminded her by dreams or Servants of God, the calling which by then unknown. 

     She hated God with all her strength, men and even herself, deciding to be the most dangerous killer.  Eventually she married and has three beautiful gifts: two girls and a boy. She humbles before God for mercy, for the lives of their three children who were on the road of death. She reach the Mercy of God and HE lift her up, and again reminds the Calling, this time HE specifies the calling such as Pastor and Ministry for Women.

     She decided to study at the Theological Institute of AIC in the city of Buffalo, NY where she graduated.  She also decided to follow a career at  ECC College in Buffalo, NY,  and received her Associate of Office Technology. 

     She started to receive Interior Health in all the areas of her life, when she searched for God, and with the help of the Holy Spirit.   In 2001 she answered the call of Pastor. 




To acquire knowledge to help others, she decides to study Chaplaincy, and got her diploma through the Assoc. of Hispanic-American Chaplains where the President and founder was the Rev. Manuel Yambo. 

        Professionally, she worked as an assistant teacher,  teaching  in Plant City, Fl, with youth and children with emotional, ADHD, mistreat, bad behavior, suicide risk problems, most of them with parents that have drug and alcohol addiction, other orphans, etc. Received training to become qualified to be able to help these young people and children and even today are very helpful. 

     She studied at the International Christian University and obtained her Doctor of Divinity.   God puts her into the women's field and takes her where the need is, such as suicide, domestic violence, spousal abuse, abuse of children by their parents, etc.. 

     Women Get Up, Min was born in her heart and gives birth on June 29, 2008.   She's more than grateful to God for all He has done and is doing in her life. 

     Today, for the Glory of God, she's the Founder and President of Casa de Refugio House of Refuge, Inc., in which she works  with the Women Ministry and the Education Department, teaching, counseling and preaching the Word of God through Women Conferences, churches and through the Radio Ministry.    Also her children and her five brethren are still serving God. 

     I can exclaim: "Ebenezer." All I have is from God, not mine. TO GOD BE THE GLORY! 
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