You Are Special with Great Value
Eres Especial con Gran Valor 


   The Women Ministry is under the Article of Incorporation, Article III of Casa de Refugio House of Refuge, Inc.  This Ministry is Directed by God Father, God Son, and God Holy Spirit.
Our Mission
   According to God's instructions given to the Director Lydia Guerrero; to help, to encourage; to spread spiritual oil and medicine to each wound to be healed, and to lift up through counseling with Wisdom and Knowledge of the Holy Spirit and His Word.   The purpose of this Ministry which is made for women's issues, is to dress, anoint, and help cure each wound that needs healing.
   We understand that knowledge is power and even more if it comes from the Word of God.  So here at Woman Get Up, Ministry, we inform women on special, delicate topics and situations such as:  Depression, Rape, Low Self-esteem, Suicide, Abandonment (by parent, spouse or child), Violence (sexual, domestic, etc.), Addictions (drugs, alcohol, food, shopping), Abuse (physical, mental, verbal).
   These and many more other situations and circumstances creates such wounds filled with pain, despaired, hurt and anger in a women's heart and soul that many times they feel unable to cope with life or with themselves.  Here at Woman Get Up, Ministry we offer Biblical based counseling that will help strengthen and heal, enabling women to brake loose from their bondage and get up to a new beginning.
   We understand that God does a principal part in the women's life enabling her to improve and be lifted up.  Women receives spiritual help through  counseling, in which we use as reference, The Bible.