Bible Studies
   Our Ministry offers a Theological Seminar (by correspondence or Online), in which we offer First, Second and Third year of class. Our principal objective is to prepare a believer to have complete knowledge of Christian Faith; an understanding of the 
Scriptures; Evangelism Knowledge; will empower the student to learn and know evidence from the Bible; and also will have understanding and knowledge in the prophetic history in which it is relative to the Church, World and Israel.

     It is a time where today more than ever, the Church of God, must truly become the salt and light of the world. Must, with the power of God, heal the wounded, console the afflicted, aid the needy. For this reason, Ministry Chaplaincy in Action, using God's tools, capacitate future chaplains in order to help the needy.

     The training consist on preparing believers about the ministry of chaplaincy, teaching them the foundation, strategies, and requirements of the penitentiary and hospital chaplaincy. This training offers a seminar on how to minister to the sick, to 
patients of terminal diseases, to the relatives of the patients, counseling the convict, and how to present the love of God to the needful.

     If you have an interest to study to have these tools, or need more information, you can call (863) 863-808-7871.  also you can Email Us at:

     You can visit our Ministry Website To know about our studies and terms. Go to 
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